Husain Scheme

Participants in the Husain Scheme are encouraged to give Qardan Hasana through the aegis of the Qardan Hasana Scheme towards the ennobling purpose of benefiting mumineen in their time of need.

The Husain Scheme is based on the premise that Qardan Hasana provided by mumineen to this Scheme will earn the mumin thawaab and is fully refundable.

Participants to the Husain Scheme will specify a time period/due date for which they are giving the amount.

Contributing into Husain Scheme should be integral aspect of Mumin's life

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Taher Scheme

Contribution made to Taher Scheme is perpetual in nature, i.e. once the amount is contributed; the amount becomes part of the corpus of the relevant Qardan Hasana Scheme and is non-refundable.

Mohammedi Scheme

Mohammedi Scheme focuses on contributions made by Mumineen, collected on significant dates (e.g. on Lailat al-Jumu’ah and Yaum al-Jumu’ah) and on various mawaaqeet (e.g. Asharah Mubarakah, a´yaad, Hudaat Kiraam RA a´raas or mawaaleed, etc.) and is non-refundable.

Overall Participation

Regular Participants

Occasional Participants

Timely Processing